General Public Info

If you are interested in discovering facts about the new Zink Dam, to be completed in 2024, click on the image below.

These PowerPoint presentation slides and supporting documents will provide you unpublicized facts about the dam, its promised features and benefits, and especially the false information embelished by the City of Tulsa to sell the project to the voters. Might call it a flimflam job.

Your takeaway from this information is up to you. However, you will come away with a new awareness as to how the City, especially Mayor Bynum has managed or mismanaged this project worth tens of millions of dollars and what to expect upon its completion.


Project Reports of Interest

These reports are only a small portion of the engineering and design reports prepared during the development of the low water dam projects on the river that provide the basis for statements and claims within the PowerPoint file above. Any highlighting was done to draw attention to key supportive statements.

2015 Overall Low Water Dam Schematic Report

2009 Engineering Report

2009 Report Relates to Fish Passage Design for New Dams

2016 Corps of Engrs Report- Arkansas River Restoration - Biological Resources

2017 Corps of Engrs Arkansas River Corridor Feasibility Report- Extract of report with data related to wildlife


If you are interested is how you can save the old pedestrian bridge. Check out this webpage. This is another waste of Tulsa money and a flimflam job on Tulsans. Tulsans did not get to name the bridge even though we funded most of the construction cost. Williams put a pittance of money in it and they got to name it!