Current Course Listing

The following courses are co-sponsored by I.E.E.E. ( The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) with discounts available for I.E.E.E. members.  For dates and more details click on the various course titles.

The grounding and lightning protection course modules are scheduled such that an individual can attend one or more of the courses in the same week.

(The grounding and lightning and surge protection courses are under development in 2019.If you will be interested in these new courses, please contact us with an email or by phone (see top of page) and let us know about your needs and topics of specific interest. This will assist us in the course development and optimization.)


Your needs?


We are interested in providing course curriculum that satisfies your needs.  If there are course topics you would like to see offered, please do not hesitate to call us.  Future courses are being planned in the following topic areas.  Let us know if these are of interest to you.

  • Power System Design for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

  • Grounding Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

IEEE CEUs: IEEE Continuing Education Programs are peer-reviewed by content experts. This peer review guarantees both quality of the technical content of learning materials, as well as adherence to IEEE’s strict criteria for educational excellence. All programs that pass this strict process are entitled to award IEEE Continuing Education Units (CEUs), recognized as the standard of excellence for continuing education programs in IEEE’s fields of interest.
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